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What is abundance? For me it has come to mean expressing myself fully without holding back, having such a small house that I can clean it in an hour, spending time just being not doing, knowing that my loved ones far away look at the same sunset in the same sky as I do, having close friends I can fully rely on, and holding the space for people to accept who they are and see the possibility of who they could become.

All this has got nothing to do with the idea of abundance I grew up with. I was taught by my family, my teachers, our society that I must work hard, always do my best, and that then I will reap the reward of security in the form of money in the bank.

Now, being 33 years of age, I clearly see that security does not exist and money does not necessarily come to those who work hard, not to mention there not being any guarantee of being able to enjoy it once retired. Those messages I grew up with steered me further and further away from true abundance: the freedom to live and enjoy life to the fullest here and now while making a meaningful contribution to others’ lives.

What would open up for us as a society if children in school learned about their power to choose their own path at any time, if they learned about gratitude for all that is and fully accepting themselves as they are? I don’t mean that when we find true abundance within, we can just sit down on a cushion and meditate all day. Of course we need to make a living, but how much easier does that become when we do what we love doing, using our natural strengths?

I consider myself ‘lucky’ as my work is also my passion, my personal growth, my relaxation, my inspiration and so much more. It doesn’t feel like work; it’s me expressing myself fully and using more of my potential every day in service of something bigger than myself. We create our own ‘luck’ by following our own compass.

Just imagine the potential that would be unlocked in our society if we all mustered up the courage to follow our hearts and do what we love and what we’re good at despite what the neighbours might say. After all, society needs professors and gardeners alike; however, we need professors who love lecturing and gardeners who love plants, not vice versa.

If you’re struggling right now, looking for a job, not having enough money in the bank, feeling lost in a web of possibilities which all seem equally attractive or unattractive, consider the possibility that you may be exactly where you need to be right now in order to create abundance in your life.

Have an honest look. How much of your life is spent on things that really matter to you? Where in your life do you compromise your truth because it may be inconvenient to others if you follow it? And what would it bring you and the world if you decided to fully trust life and surrender to what you deep down in your heart know is your calling?


Mieke Beurskens, coach and trainer at Creative Consciousness