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Imagine driving a car with the emergency brake on the whole time. Think of how much friction there would be trying to slow you down and keep you from moving forward… It turns out, there’s a dangerous part of you that’s creating this same kind of  “friction” throughout your day and reducing your possibility to be successful.


How could it be that two people with exactly the same knowledge and facts, exactly the same situation and both dealing with the same person, have vastly different results? The one gets a “Yes” and the one a definite “No”. Here lies the difference between success and failure in communication and what differentiates the super achievers from the average.


The art of winning people is pure science. There are sound reasons why some people are highly successful, while others strive hard to make it, having the emergency brake on the whole time.


Imagine the impact if you got rid off your emergency brake? What is holding you back?

Imagine how successful you could become if you knew the secrets to be successful?

Imagine how successful you could become if you had acquired the power to win people any place at any time?


How to change your world and winning people without making yourself insane, burning out or going broke? How to drive your car in flow?


There are several steps to become the success that you can be once you acquire the powers within you. Let me mention a few to you:

Knowing and committing to your inspiring vision. Create a clear and compelling vision for your life and business that produces excitement and a sense of possibility. Choose to leave the waters of mediocrity and unite with a destiny worth getting up for in the morning.

Committing and being your best self. Committing fully, 100%, to your vision will lead to miraculous results. Success is at least 50% psychological. Attitude is everything. Stop playing small, take charge of who you’re being. Become unstoppable, unreasonable (no excuses!) and play full out.

Overcoming obstacles and challenges both inside (programs, sabotaging systems, assumptions, believes) as outside. Identify your specific needs and see what is holding your back from manifesting your vision. Identify your core limiting beliefs and transform them, using the powers of consciousness. Stop listening to any self-sabotaging ideas in your mind and create self confidence and live in integrity.

Be specific in your expression when it comes to goals, strategy and actions and choose them to be inspiring, moving and touching and 20% out of your comfort zone.

Successful Marketing and sales: Improve every aspect of your marketing (clarifying your target market, attracting prospects, building relationships, scheduling events, closing deals and retention and follow-up sales). Overcome your resistance to sales and learn to embrace and enjoy being success.

Time management: Master the art of stress free productivity. Clarify and focus on your priorities, effectiveness and efficiency. Get Time and Timing and be open and receptive for “coincidences”. Be proactive. Carve out time to work on your business by focusing on the important but not urgent activities.

Follow-up your plans and structures. This is critical and this is where most of us quite. So what is needed to continue, despite what? This is so obvious, and as a result most people under-estimate it’s difficulty. Here is where the identity kicks in, telling you all kind of reason why to quit. And here it comes to you being the creator of your life. You will be challenged to experience yourself as the unquestionable source of your reality.

And another important step: Celebration. Celebration is the secret weapon of all happy high achievers. Acknowledging your efforts and your progress on a regular basis gives you energy and motivation to continue with your journey and it feels good.


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Charles Ruiters

Based on insights gained from Creative Consciousness, Mastery of Success, Marc Steinberg and Eben Pagan.