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If you’re anything like most of the people I know, you may have an issue with receiving. Do you feel like hiding in a cave when others acknowledge you? Do you always end up paying for your friends because you find it difficult to accept their money? Do you have a hard time accepting compliments or gifts, opening up to love? Or do you give and give in an attempt to have others give back to you for once but are disappointed time and time again? You are not the only one.

Most of us are used to making receiving wrong, as if it equalled taking. After all, what are people who receive a lot? We’ve been taught by society that they are greedy and selfish, or maybe dependent and needy; we don’t want to be any of those things. Or we feel that we first need to be worthy in order to receive and find that we do not or not yet fall into that category.

Check for yourself: what is the underlying belief your resistance to receiving is based on? Are you being right about being unworthy and undeserving, or about others being selfish narcissists? Are you making sure you’ll never be like your dad, aunt, childhood friend, … who was so utterly …. selfish, manipulative, weak, …? Or are you afraid to once again receive something that you do not want to receive if in the past you were abused and taken advantage of in the name of ‘love’?

The universe is giving but if we refuse to receive we’re giving it mixed messages. Who do we need to be in order to say yes to all the love and happiness and abundance that comes our way? Everything we desire is already out there. We just have to give up resistance to it and let it come into our lives.

So next time you are paid a compliment, are given love or attention, consider just saying ‘thank you’ and zipping it. Whenever you are offered a drink by a friend fully receive it and grant the other the joy of giving. Next time you notice you’re keeping the score about who owes who, consider letting go of that idea. Open up to the powers of the universe and trust that they bring perfect balance to your giving and receiving if only you are not in the way.

If you ask for what you want or need and open up to receiving it, you just may get it. For some of us this is a scary thought. Our identities may feel safer not getting what we want if that’s what we’re used to. So we’re left with a question here: Who do you need to create yourself as to be able to drop all resistance to receiving? And additionally: what would become possible for you if you were equally free to give and receive in life?

Written by Mieke Beurskens


Mariëlle Ruiters CCNL

“Love Thyself”

Love thyself

“Love thyself”; we all know this aphorism, but how to achieve it when the chips are down? Loving yourself is one of the most important spiritual practices out there. Contrary to what some believe, self-love has nothing to do with narcissism or egotism. Nor is it blind worship of each and every one of your actions or does it give you carte blanche to misbehave and be nasty to others.

Self-love means loving all of who you are. All of who you are. That is including those bits that you find are unlovable, the parts of you that you tend to judge, ignore, despise or wish away. Well, no one said it was going to be easy. That’s why it’s called a spiritual practice. Don’t worry if you fail once or twice or time and time again. Just pick up where you left off.

Loving yourself means being loving and compassionate and understanding with each and every aspect of yourself. The worthy part and the unworthy, the giving part and the taking part, the lenient part and the judgemental. All of it. How to go about it?

Imagine you were to split yourself in two and one part of you were you as a parent and the other part were you as a baby. Treat yourself gently but firmly, the way you would with a child. This is no reason to let yourself off the hook. You still ask yourself to live up to your higher version of your Self but now each time you make a misstep you smile gently, you pick yourself up from the floor like a toddler that tumbled over and put yourself back on your two feet.

We are all students in the school of life. We don’t need punishment, rigidity and aggression. What we need is love, kindness and compassion. Give yourself what you would like to receive.

As within so without. If you wish to attract love, acceptance and abundance in your life, that is what you need to give to yourself first. Loving yourself is taking responsibility for the experience you’re having in life. Loving yourself is the first and firmest step on your way to healing and becoming a powerful manifestor in your life.

Do what it takes: ask for what you need, indicate your limits, say yes when it’s yes and no when it’s no, meditate, eat healthy food, have a lie-in, give yourself some time off, treat yourself to a massage, buy yourself a gift. Treat yourself as if you were your most devoted lover.

What do you need to let go of to love all of who you are?

Written by Mieke Beurskens

Mariëlle Ruiters CCNL

On Purpose

On purpose

Imagine getting up in the morning fully energised and inspired about the day ahead. Imagine being able to say yes or no to requests from others for 100%. Imagine living your life without doubts, without hesitation and with as little waste of precious resources as possible. All this can be done once you have full crystal-clear clarity on your life’s purpose.

Once you know what you’re living your life for, life becomes simple. What makes it complex up to that point is that we go into our minds looking at everything from different perspectives. On the one hand, something would be good, but then there’s always a counterargument. Like professional chess players we build entire models in our minds that we use to predict what may happen next if we take a certain step. Depending on the outcome of our decisions, we continue in the same direction or change our plans. The truth, however, is that we cannot predict the future, we can only create it and once we do so from our higher selves, knowing what our mission in life is, we no longer go zigzagging.

Once we have clarity on our vision and have fully committed ourselves to it, not by aspiring to lofty ideals but by living it on a daily basis here and now, the only question left to ask when a decision needs to be made is: is this in line with my life’s purpose?

Just picture your life for a moment with you being able to focus entirely on the main promises you make, to yourself and others, in line with your vision. No more would you spend any energy on projects that are not a priority to you. No longer would you waste precious time catering to other people’s agendas and just so it would be impossible to manipulate you as you would be incorruptibly dedicated to your vision and the implementation thereof in your life. Moreover, just imagine the love, flow, bliss, gratitude, meaning and power you’d experience if you were fully on purpose, knowing that you were truly contributing to society the way you always dreamt you would.

What vision do you choose to serve and what are the first three steps for you to take right here right now in order to start living from your vision?


Written by Mieke Beurskens

Mariëlle Ruiters CCNL

Zijn met wat is, terugblikken, vooruitzien

De tijd van kerst en nieuwjaar is een tijd om stil te staan bij wat je belangrijk vindt. “Alle wegen van Kerstmis leiden naar huis” wellicht is dat naar je gezin, familie, vrienden, naar een plek waar je even kan stilstaan. Kort terugkijkend, vooruitkijkend, en vooral inzien van wat er is.

Het zijn dagen van bezinning. Bezinning over wat 2014 heeft gebracht, kijkend naar de toekomst en inzien waar je nu staat.

Vragen die je jezelf kunt stellen zijn: “wat zou ik graag willen toevoegen of veranderen aan mijn leven als ik zeker wist dat het me zou lukken?” “Wat wil ik nu echt?” En “welke impact zou dat op mijn leven hebben als dat de werkelijkheid is?”

Ook voor jou de wens van “mildheid voor het verleden, moed voor het heden en helderheid en passie voor de toekomst”, maar vooral besef hebben van alles wat er is, wat kun je waarderen van jezelf en in anderen? “Kerst gaat niet om het uitpakken van cadeautjes maar over het openen van ons hart”. Voor wie zou jij je hart meer kunnen openen? Wat zou je doen als je je hart als gids gebruikt?

Afgelopen jaar hebben we weer heel veel mensen mooie momenten kunnen schenken. Blij zijn we met de wijze waarop wij onze trainingen aanbieden: alweer het 4e jaar op rij op basis van waardebepaling achteraf. Hiermee bieden we iedereen een kans bewust te worden van wat je nu echt wilt. Met die inzichten en ervaringen ben je in staat datgene wat je wenst te realiseren. We verlagen hiermee aanzienlijk de drempel om aan zelfbewustzijn te werken. En leveren zo een bijdrage aan een bewustere wereld met meer liefde, meer creatie en verbondenheid. We hebben veel mensen ontmoet met uiteenlopende uitdagingen, zoals: ik wil minder piekeren, ik wens meer zelfvertrouwen, ik zoek helderheid van wat vind ik nu echt leuk, waar zit mijn passie, ik wil meer vertrouwen in mezelf en anderen, ik wil een nieuwe relatie en hierin niet meer dezelfde fouten maken, ik wil meer energie, hoe kan ik zaken uit het verleden een plek geven, en noem maar op.

Mensen een kans bieden om meer in hun kracht te komen, om zich te bevrijden van oude belemmerende patronen en om nieuwe wegen te verkennen. Een nieuwe stap, een nieuwe richting of een andere kijk op wat er al is. Het is altijd hartverwarmend te ervaren hoeveel liefde en verbinding er ontstaat tussen de mensen die samen in een training zitten.

En ook mooi om te zien hoe de nieuwe inzichten doorwerken in het leven en werk na de training. Niet dat het altijd even makkelijk gaat, er zijn ups en downs en soms is het lastig om vast te houden aan wat je wenst. Maar je relatie tot de downs is anders geworden. En net als een mooie bloeiende tuin om onderhoud, bemesting, vernieuwing en aandacht vraagt, zo ook voor jou: ook jij ondergaat de  seizoenen van het leven. En wij zullen je daarin ook in 2015 supporten. We gaan door met het verzorgen van trainingen, workshops en retraites rondom werken met bewustzijn.

Ik wil mijn dank uitspreken naar Joris Swinkels die ik in 2009 heb ontmoet. Hij koos er in 2007 voor om door een Consciousness Coach® te worden gecoacht en had het inzicht om in 2009 een licentie van Creative Consciousness voor Nederland te nemen. Fijn dat ik onderdeel mag zijn van deze ontdekkingsreis. En ook dank en erkenning aan Marc Steinberg die vanaf 1992 al zijn tijd, energie, filosofie, levenservaring, creativiteit, inzichten, etc. heeft gebruikt om masterpieces van trainingen en retraites te ontwikkelen. Trainingen die niet informeren, maar die een proces zijn. Waarin de deelnemer participeert en daarmee de transformatie ervaart. Niet omdat we vertellen hoe het werkt, maar omdat je het zelf ervaart, zelf ziet. En wat jij ziet, dat is van jou en dat neemt nooit meer iemand van je af! Dat maakt deze trainingen terecht Master-trainingen. Een welverdiend compliment aan Marc Steinberg. En tevens dank aan allen die Creative Consciousness ervaren hebben.

Wij wensen iedereen een inspirerend en magisch 2015!

Namens Soulce,
Licentiehouder van Creative Consciousness The Nederlands
Charles Ruiters




Mariëlle Ruiters CCNL

Trust your flow

How much time, energy and money do you spend on grappling with those parts of your life that are not in flow? What would become possible for you if you gave up all and any resistance to what is and let yourself be carried by the current of life?

We all think we’re so clever. In our heads we’ve planned it all out. What to do, when, where, how, with whom, and what the desired results would be. However, life is just as much about letting go, surrendering, trusting, as about choosing, deciding and making things happen.

Pain will be there accompanying us every step of the way, whether poignant or subtle, but suffering is caused by us clinging to something, resisting what’s occurring, being attached. We somehow tend to think we know better, better than life, better than our silent witness selves, like a passenger in a car grabbing the steering wheel and jerking it one way or the other.

What way does life want to go? What wants to be expressed through us? The issue is that we usually need to relinquish something we consider to be valuable in order to be pushed forward by the current. We hold on to that something so tightly that we end up struggling, getting a ducking and sometimes almost drowning. If only we let go, we would find our flow again and would discover that we receive something even more valuable instead, something more fitting, but there are no guarantees.

What could be the sacrificial lambs in your life? What are you holding onto too tightly? What is keeping you from being your best self, living your best possible life? There may be a sense of duty or guilt, the fear of losing everything, self-doubt, a lack of energy or awareness, the need to please or do the right thing, or wanting it all.

Sometimes when I do groceries I don’t grab a basket. I run around the entire store stuffing things underneath my arms, hanging nets on my fingers, stacking tins in my hands, leaning packets against my chest securing them with my chin, but then, just before I’m at the checkout, I remember the one item I really needed and I walk back, my arms filled with products, realising full well that I’ll have to let go of something in order to pick up what I deem more important. Isn’t life just like that?

Written by Mieke Beurskens


Mariëlle Ruiters CCNL