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On Purpose

On purpose

Imagine getting up in the morning fully energised and inspired about the day ahead. Imagine being able to say yes or no to requests from others for 100%. Imagine living your life without doubts, without hesitation and with as little waste of precious resources as possible. All this can be done once you have full crystal-clear clarity on your life’s purpose.

Once you know what you’re living your life for, life becomes simple. What makes it complex up to that point is that we go into our minds looking at everything from different perspectives. On the one hand, something would be good, but then there’s always a counterargument. Like professional chess players we build entire models in our minds that we use to predict what may happen next if we take a certain step. Depending on the outcome of our decisions, we continue in the same direction or change our plans. The truth, however, is that we cannot predict the future, we can only create it and once we do so from our higher selves, knowing what our mission in life is, we no longer go zigzagging.

Once we have clarity on our vision and have fully committed ourselves to it, not by aspiring to lofty ideals but by living it on a daily basis here and now, the only question left to ask when a decision needs to be made is: is this in line with my life’s purpose?

Just picture your life for a moment with you being able to focus entirely on the main promises you make, to yourself and others, in line with your vision. No more would you spend any energy on projects that are not a priority to you. No longer would you waste precious time catering to other people’s agendas and just so it would be impossible to manipulate you as you would be incorruptibly dedicated to your vision and the implementation thereof in your life. Moreover, just imagine the love, flow, bliss, gratitude, meaning and power you’d experience if you were fully on purpose, knowing that you were truly contributing to society the way you always dreamt you would.

What vision do you choose to serve and what are the first three steps for you to take right here right now in order to start living from your vision?


Written by Mieke Beurskens