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Trust your flow

How much time, energy and money do you spend on grappling with those parts of your life that are not in flow? What would become possible for you if you gave up all and any resistance to what is and let yourself be carried by the current of life?

We all think we’re so clever. In our heads we’ve planned it all out. What to do, when, where, how, with whom, and what the desired results would be. However, life is just as much about letting go, surrendering, trusting, as about choosing, deciding and making things happen.

Pain will be there accompanying us every step of the way, whether poignant or subtle, but suffering is caused by us clinging to something, resisting what’s occurring, being attached. We somehow tend to think we know better, better than life, better than our silent witness selves, like a passenger in a car grabbing the steering wheel and jerking it one way or the other.

What way does life want to go? What wants to be expressed through us? The issue is that we usually need to relinquish something we consider to be valuable in order to be pushed forward by the current. We hold on to that something so tightly that we end up struggling, getting a ducking and sometimes almost drowning. If only we let go, we would find our flow again and would discover that we receive something even more valuable instead, something more fitting, but there are no guarantees.

What could be the sacrificial lambs in your life? What are you holding onto too tightly? What is keeping you from being your best self, living your best possible life? There may be a sense of duty or guilt, the fear of losing everything, self-doubt, a lack of energy or awareness, the need to please or do the right thing, or wanting it all.

Sometimes when I do groceries I don’t grab a basket. I run around the entire store stuffing things underneath my arms, hanging nets on my fingers, stacking tins in my hands, leaning packets against my chest securing them with my chin, but then, just before I’m at the checkout, I remember the one item I really needed and I walk back, my arms filled with products, realising full well that I’ll have to let go of something in order to pick up what I deem more important. Isn’t life just like that?

Written by Mieke Beurskens